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We are in information era. Due to the combination of accurateness, quickness and comparative costing, computer has become applicable for almost all sections of day-to-day life activities.  Even routine office job has expanded its circumference. Writing a business letter, preparing data sheet are ordinary tasks whereas highly professional tasks like preparing presentation, using user defined Relational Database and maintaining Webpage and Web Site are also within the circumference. To meet such a vast need of today's professionals, Vishwa Computer Saksharata Mission(VCSM) introducing you a text book, designed for beginners, on MS Office, 2007. Applications are of Office 2007 with working scope given below:
MS Word makes you capable to perform office related documentary communication like writing letters, essay, story and many more text form . It is more precise and quicker than use of pen-paper. Editing feature is worthwhile saving time and enhances quality of communication. Formatting features make the text appearance eye catchy. Spell-checking and Grammar hints you to correct your spelling and reconsider the sentence formation by providing options. Chetan Bhagat; an author, has expressed the contribution of the application for correctness. This is why we call MS Word as an Authoring Tool.

MS Excel provides you spread-sheet for work. It is like a page having grid of row- column called Excel Sheet. Mostly we are enlisting elements of a category. On numerical data like salary you can perform AutoSum, Average, and many more with corresponding graphical representation like pi-chart, bar graph etc. You can perform accounting as you can export Tally ERP work in Excel Sheets.

MS PowerPoint makes you able to perform presentation through slide and animation with other properties including sound effect. AS you grow higher in rank and responsibility the more you need to use this. PowerPoint presentation called PPT establishes your ability of communication, creativity and leadership. PowerPoint is known as a tool of businesses executive that hypnotizes your clients and makes them accept your business proposal.

MS Access provides relational database services. Everyone stores date for retrieving. We store data in tabular form and retrieve data as per our desirable conditions. Features like Table, Form, Query, and Report make you able to develop a software application for performing daily job like storing, retrieving, and sorting business activities. At concluding, you have report from your Software application how much you have sold and how much stock remained of each classification or as a whole.

MS FrontPage makes you able to create and manage web pages and web sites. Without working on highly sophisticated scripting languages, you can add animation to your web page. It is a HTML friendly tool.
We hope after going through the book, you can perform all sort of office work like writing text with precision, preparing datasheet with relevant pie-chart, graph representation, i.e., textual & statistical work. Your PPT will tell how advance you are. And finally your FrontPage skill accesses the world through your webpage / web site, as we know that “creation is the mirror image of the creator”.


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