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We are at the point that feels gratitude for days we have enjoyed through our activities and being curious for upcoming days through our hopes and challenges of New Year 2017.

At the end of 2016, we looking back our journey that has been a series of happenings and flashing back of it leaves a smile on our faces.As a point of beginning of any new year, we see 2017 they way a child opens his/her eyes under the rosy and dense reddish influence of the sun that leaves some warmness, energy and a happiness that full with enthusiasm around.

Our purpose drives us to take on challenges to make our world lively and vibrating, forces us to be alert and focussed. And it demands a very high level of consistency and discipline in day-to-day activities. Surprisingly interesting facts is that the hopes and fears associated with the challenge of achieving it make us thrilled and curious. Being curious is being young forever.
Wishing you all a very prosperous and lively "Happy New Year, 2017" with feelings of gratitude for 2016. 



Ram Sanjeeo kumar & Ram Rajeev Kumar



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