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R. Sanjeeo Kumar  [Project Director]


Sanjeeo Technological System Pvt. Limited

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100% EOU registered to Software Technology Parks of India, DIT, MoCIT, Govt. of India.

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Dear Visitors / Learners

India along with Indian Sub Continents are in the age of new economy where competition is global, capital is abundant, products are developed quickly and people are willing to change job offer. This kind of environment requires smart, committed and experienced people who should technologically literate, globally astute and operationally agile.

Information Technology has become the back-bone of all the productive activities today. IT usages is the great enables in the entire sunrise sector business without which most functionalities of the industry cannot work seamlessly. Journey of unorganized sector to organized sector begins because of IT related services. According to industry players IT is embedded into their business. The latest technology are used in each and every part of industry for better performance, reliability, availability, manageability and scalability. In industry, the emerging trend is to get the information fast and to operate the network in a cost optimum manner.

For this very purpose Vishwa Computer Saksharatha Mission is successfully imparting IT Education and IT Enabled service through a wide network of 1250+ authorized learning centers internationally. We are introducing short term management skill development programmes and  mobile repairing courses also.

Today IT is not only the fastest growing industry but is most successful and most profitable industry also. Sir Winston Churchill once said "The power of the future is the power of mind". Today there is another truth is that "The power of the future is the power of Information Technology".

I do hope you will join with us and you must be part of global IT movement.

Wishing you a happy learning.




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